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Try, try, try


Some things are so simple yet so disinteresting to us. Trying is one of them.

We have all been involved in glorious conversations of the way things should be or what we want to do or what we want to have happen.

These conversations are fun! Painting a picture we desire is engaging, easy, and thoughtful.

What we lose site of is the need to first “try to get there”. Trying is boring and is never glamorous. To run a mile, we need to be able to first run 100 feet. There is glamor in “running a mile” but I have never heard anyone ever romanticize running 100 feet.

If we aren’t runners, running even 50 feet is hard to do at first. We look awkward. This event would never be seen on TV. But, boy, is it necessary.

No amount of knowledge or entitlement can overcome the basic need to practice and become good at always trying. Not once but over and over. For again, to gain something that has value, takes effort.

Trying can be full of mistakes. (The mistakes should never stop us from continuing to try.) When we try, nothing will be perfect. Seeking perfection is the quickest way to lose the enthusiasm needed to try.

Trying has nothing to do with good grades and everything to do with your attitude. You will never get ahead without first trying. You will never achieve incredible things without learning to try, try, and try again.

We are never too old nor too young to make this a habit worth keeping.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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