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Why Try?


Because it’s too hard.

We don’t have the time.

It’s not important to us.

It can’t be done.

You only need to hold your cell phone in your hand (as one small example) to realize how absurd it is for us to come up with these types of excuses when deciding if we should try to do something.

The technology, the simplicity, and the ubiquity of our cell phones is the closest thing I know to something that I did not even imagine as a youth. Back then, we simply had a rotary dial telephone that was hard wired to a wall.

If everyone found an excuse that they could believe in for not trying to do something, our world would be a pretty boring place. Those that led to the development and the evolution of the cell phone tried and didn’t run from trying.

We are grateful to all who never asked the question “why try”. We have so much more in our lives because of you.

Don’t run from what is hard. Don’t convince yourself, with logic, out of trying to do something that you have never done before.

We are waiting for you to surprise us. Each one of us has the ability to try. Few of us has the confidence to feel good after failing to achieve what we set out to try doing. Agreed, but you can develop the “muscle” to not worry about what happens if you fail the first or second or third time.

You might find it both interesting and fun after you convince yourself to start. Even when you stumble along the way. We might even benefit and gain great enjoyment from the work you took the time to try to do.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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