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Two Pairs for Life


There are two pairs of things that should stay close to you all of your life. Pair number one is context and content. The second pair is knowledge and relationships.

Whether you are speaking, writing, trying to solve a problem, or working on a breakthrough idea, your content will be much less applicable and valuable if you don’t understand the context around whatever it is you are trying to do.

Context needs to direct your content to that which will be most effective. Context always changes things to make them fit better.

When it comes to knowledge and relationships they act in much the same way. If you have the knowledge but don’t understand the need to relate and have relationships with others to both share and use your knowledge you will also be very ineffective.

Without others our ideas and our knowledge are nothing. Especially when working in a group. Relationships are built on trust and without trust there is no hope for anyone listening.

Two simple pairings. Putting the emphasis entirely on one thing will make you much less effective as you navigate your life than when you consider and pay respect to both sides of each pair that’s identified as helpful throughout your life.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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