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Understanding Creates Changes in Focus


Frustration or curiosity can lead us to search for new ideas or solutions. Curiosity is well connected to search where frustration is not. Too many times I see people who are frustrated with their situation or circumstance spend their time complaining. Without ever searching for something different to get them past their current troubles.

During our search for new ideas or solutions, confusion appears. Old ways of thinking don’t easily fit into what we now are learning. The way we view things is challenged by what we are learning.

Over time, we begin to understand the new ideas or options more clearly. Magically our focus changes. What was important to us before, no longer is. Same situation. Different emphasis. Slowly, we begin to move on.

To change your focus, you need new learning & ideas. Always. Easier to do once we believe we have the power to create a different tomorrow over time.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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