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Understanding Should Always Expand To Be More Certain


Too often we jump to conclusions and answers that give us the impression that we understand. It’s efficient and saves time when we don’t put in much effort but declare that we understand. When quickly doing this we tend to look smart in others’ eyes, while our ego always takes a bow.

When we do this, there is a feeling that our understanding is complete. This illusion of “completeness” sharply cuts off our attention, stops reflection, and chases away our curiosity. Leaving us to rush on to something else without any thought of what we might have missed.

While it’s true, many things do not need “a second look”, there are many that do. Not with the intent to procrastinate or avoid making a decision. Rather created out of a feeling that “something is missing or not right”. Listening to our intuition that there is more than what we currently see.

As you get older, you begin to see that life is multi-layered. Where everyone’s perspective is different yet gets layered together into one as we experience life. We find that depending on what we are looking for, everything could look different. Do we have a machine or people issue with trying to run a production line continuously throughout the day? What does liking a post mean when we want them to comment instead?

One perspective or one person’s point of view rarely completes our understanding of a situation. Especially when people are involved. Making everything we hear suspect until we can independently confirm what we hear from others.

The expansion of understanding is where we cobble together different ideas, thoughts, and comments from many. When we take the time to search for more information about a subject we know little about but are confronted with solving.

Making the magic of expanding our understanding with effort impactful by changing over time the picture we thought we saw into something different and much more complete. Leading us to different choices, conclusions, and courses of action. Because we now understand so much more.

Not meant to show others we are smart. Rather saving us time in the end because we did not rush to a conclusion. Especially when what we face is meaningful and important for us to push through. Hoping that the path we now choose will be more effective.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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