Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

Unexpected Happenings


When we look into our days, we always find unexpected happenings. Some good, some not. Both surprises and frustrations. Some seen and some missed.

They remind us that the plans for our day are never perfect. We can never see the future with perfect clarity. Humbling us into paying attention to the imperfections in life.

Our reactions to unexpected happenings vary greatly. Some become very emotional. Others frustrated. A few look logically to see what went wrong. One may accept what happened without losing their balance.

Unexpectee happenings can be totally random but tend to be given birth with an outcome we did not expect or plan for.

Mistakenly, most view unexpected happenings as being the variable in their day. Commonly missed, is that we are the variable based on how we react to them. Our reaction can either amplify or dampen unexpected happenings.

As with most things in life, they begin within us rather than from without.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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