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Unlocking Growth and Creativity: Embracing Search Beyond Information Retrieval


The world of artificial intelligence gives us limitless opportunities to benefit from search by going deeper into a topic we know little about in a short amount of time. Hiding the value of being interested in search by being overwhelmed by what information artificial intelligence shares with us for our query.

Growing up, search was all about going to the library, looking through the card index with physical index cards, listing one book on one card, to find books associated with a topic of interest. Then going down rows of shelves to find a book whose number might have been A73.453.12.

Search takes many forms. Shopping is a form of search from both our old and new worlds. Think internet (new world) – find the cheapest price or find the best deal. Think old world – visit a shopping mall until we find what we like best or is the cheapest. Travel is another form of search. Finding new places we surprisingly like after visiting them.

One area of our lives that we don’t use search enough is within the pattern, paths, and experiences of our daily lives. The best way to describe this type of search is to define its opposite: routine. Routine means we are very familiar with everything we do and all that is around us without recognizing how small that space might be. In routine, there is nothing to search for. Everything is familiar.

Searching, by finding new experiences to disrupt the regular rhythm of our daily lives, is central to creativity, deepening who we are. Becoming more resilient, and growing as a person in ways we never thought we could. The variety we become exposed to can also provide some rest and a temporary escape from the burdens inherent in our lives.

New experiences, as a form of search, are not well directed nor obvious upfront as to what we will learn. Examples of this include: moving from the suburbs into a small, city apartment in a bustling neighborhood of people, restaurants, and bars (especially if you are young). Going off to school to live on campus and away from home for the first time. Moving to a new city where you will be starting a new job. Taking a class to learn how to play the piano or dance. Listening to a different type of radio station. Going to a new city or country for vacation. These are all examples of diving deep into new experiences in our life. New experiences will always give us opportunities to learn. Good or bad.

Search, in any of its forms, can be a powerful catalyst for creativity and personal growth. Consciously adding new experiences to our daily lives is a fun and interesting way to personally benefit from what we learn. Yielding a much greater impact on who we become & what we accomplish than the hundreds of Google searches or Chat GPT queries we choose to do each week.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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