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Using a Tool in Too Many Ways


It’s our natural instinct to want to get things done. There is so much to do each day. The sooner we can complete something, the better we feel it is for us.

What’s interesting is that life presents us with a lot of issues to deal with. Some of which always seem similar. As a result, we sometimes forego nuance, to grab a tool to take care of many things at once.

Nuance can be defined as details. In particular, it is a focus on finding differences in what you first believe are the same. New students registering for school is a large grouping. Further investigation into details yields a new awareness that some new students are simply new students of existing parents (they have brothers or sisters already attending the school) versus new students who truly will be new to a school.

You can then have a discussion about new students and their registration. But understanding the details then exposes the question of whether or not new students from existing families attending the school will get any preference in registering. And if so, how will you capture the interest of new students from families not affiliated with the school? You see one solution for both groups will not work. Yet discussions about new students without detail can easily craft a solution that will later lead to some problems.

We do this ourselves in many situations. Installing an app to organize us without ever looking at the different things in our life that need organizing. Believing that lunging toward a particular diet not only helps us with weight loss but also improves our mental well-being.

It is the dissection of needs, by exploring details before deciding, that gives us a better perspective on why single-focused solutions are much more effective. Their power is in a better alignment of a solution to a well/narrowly defined problem. Making the solution much more impactful in our life.

Understanding that it’s difficult for any of us to accomplish too many things in one day. And being ok with this as long as we get something done every day. Choosing a tool carefully, for a single use application, will always be the most effective.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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