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Waking up frustrated


Today I woke up frustrated.

For dreams that melted into something that became messy.

For opportunities that are now difficult to grasp, when they first appeared to be so simple.

For situations that surprise because of personalities and their loud self interest.

For the need to be even stronger today, more positive, and able than the day before.


There are days like this for all of us — no one escapes them.

They are never as bad as they seem right now.

(We have such difficulty understanding the difference between a day and a lifetime.)


My wife gave me great words of wisdom this morning when she said: “Quit feeling sorry for yourself. What’s done is done. Quit beating yourself up. Get on with the next thing you can do to continue to move forward”


As best friends are, they find words to shatter your frustrated paralyzed state of mind.

Not revealing what is “on the other side”

But rather by slapping us to choose life once again,

To continue and to try once again with more action.

While being told we are both able and worthy.


No outcome is ever guaranteed.

Only our continued effort can be.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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