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Walking Into a New World


We never think of our lives immersed in a whole new world leaving behind our old one. Divorce or death forces us into new worlds. Illness forces us into new worlds. Marriage causes us to enter a new world. Going away to school pushes us into a new world.

But never do we easily walk into a new world.

One of two things are true: either we are ignorant that a new world exists that could benefit us or we are to scared to find out. Especially when things are not going well for us.

I just attended a 2 day live webinar on the use of social media by business executives exploring some facets of leardership and communication in today’s world. What I was surprised to learn was how intertwined modern life is within social media.

As an older person, I used to lament the decline of face to face communication. What I learned over those 2 days is that people are as social or even more social than we were 20 years ago.

The new world I walked into for two days was amazing. It revealed so many things I did not know. My view of social media changed forever. My Monday will be a little bit different.

As I choose to try some of the things I learned, my world will change further. I am willing to walk further into this new world because I believe it will benefit both me personally as well as my company.

Now that I am less ignorant of what is happening in social media I am choosing to go further with no fear. I don’t know if the outcomes will be positive but I am willing to try. Nor do I know how much I really need to learn and become comfortable with to succeed. But I am willing to try.

Whether it’s golf, cooking, a new language, public speaking, or whatever you need to walk into a new world to change, evolve, and grow to do better. Changing jobs sometimes brings us into a new world that provides us with opportunities to learn, grow and change.

New worlds challenge the way we think about the world. They expose us to new things that show us how much we don’t know. When immersive, their newness stands out agains our every day routines and beliefs of the recent past.

They do so much for us, especially when we desire deeply to evolve and grow as both individuals and organizations. Don’t lose out by always saying I can’t or I won’t. Only when you enter a new world for the first time will you understand it’s power in helping us move forward.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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