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Our walls of madness


“March madness” is the phrase we hear during these weeks of college basketball’s NCAA tournament. Brackets, upsets, and friends all gathered around a TV.

The madness that creates a wall around us is very, very different. There are no friends when we are mad. We hear no logic when we are mad. We are very excited in a very negative way. Stuffed with strong emotions and short fuses, we bang our heads against the wall frustrated that we are stuck where we are in our current situation.

We are quick to blame others for our madness. In truth, they did disappoint us in some way. They may have kept us from doing or getting something. They hurt our feelings. They ended up being an obstacle or a challenge in our life. At times, they may even have been an irritant.

The walls that we create around us when madness overtakes our heart appear strong, unmovable, and without end. No one can penetrate them from the outside.

Only our acceptance that we may not be able to change this situation we find ourselves in can thaw and weaken the strength of these walls.

Compromise, forgiveness, time and love are tools we can use to help us break down the walls of madness we create. In life, it is never about winning. Wins are so “short-lived”. For a meaningful life, we need connection.

The stronger, deeper, and more frequent connection we have with others brings us a joy, a calm, and a peace within our hearts. That is where we become more resilient and tolerant giving us the ability to restrain the madness in our heart towards others.

Strong, active, and frequent connections with others keep us young. The madness we should focus on in life is not on the small situations that builds wall around us that isolate us from others.

Our madness should be focused on wanting to connect each day, in a meaningful way, with more and more people.

Connection is the driving force of all social media on the web. Social media’s success validates how powerful our need to connect truly is.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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