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We Have No Patience for Change


We step on the accelerator of a car and quickly we are propelled into a new neighborhood. As our tea pot boils, quickly we see the steam that just now was only water.

But do our own lives or organizations change this quickly? Of course not and here is the problem. We have no patience, or at most very little.  And this is both difficult for us to admit as well as to endure.

It’s as simple as that. We have no patience for change. Our to do lists have conditioned us to expect immediate results from our actions. Yet significant change laughs at the folly of believing this will be true in its own case.

Our bills have piled up, none of our clothes fit, our relationship has been uncomfortable, or our organization appears to be on the decline. The list is endless. No one escapes all of these types of issues. Even on the day we want to make different choices or do different things, tomorrow always looks the same. Our intentions are different but nothing ever seems to happen on the first day or the first week.

Significant change never happens quickly. Why don’t we understand this?

We have no patience for change. Why don’t we admit it?

Even when knowing this, why do we quickly give up putting in the necessary work to let significant change simply, one day, appear? Even though it may be months later.

What’s fascinating is it’s never the book we read or video we watch that is the key to us moving forward. Yes, they can be both an inspiration as well as an aspiration.

It’s a mistake we make regularly. To not understand the slow pace of significant change in a world where we have become addicted to and somehow enjoy it for its speed.

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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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