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We Will Always Have Steps In Our Lives


As you begin to get much older, climbing steps becomes more of a challenge. We begin to see the beauty of a one level, ranch house. No longer can we carry a 40 pack case of water. 12 bottles at a time now, is just fine. Eliminating the physical steps in our life begins to consume us.

The benefits of age reveal themselves when we begin to see the steps in our lives that youth ignores. For both young and old though, seeing steps will always be needed in our lives.

When young, ideas flow randomly. With passion, hope, and certain completion. When old, ideas die quickly when seeing all the steps needed to realize them.

Everything we conceive rarely happens in one step. It’s the nature of bringing any idea or hope into the world. The common phrase “everything takes time” is an affirmation that most things take multiple steps to accomplish.

Identifying those steps, before beginning, can be so valuable. All of the common things we have heard, support this. The advice to break things down into smaller parts where we can work on one small thing to completion before moving to the next is an example.

Challenges and obstacles become easier to face and navigate once we realize that they are blocking one step within a much larger process towards achieving a goal or dream. These same steps place guardrails beside us so we do not get distracted as easily while working towards a better outcome.

Steps also provide a safety net for us by helping us fight giving up before finishing what we set out to do. They remind us how early in the journey we are, knowing how much work is left for us to do.

While the old think the young are foolish, the young think the old are no longer relevant. Yet they share one thing in common. Both continue to need & respect steps in their lives for it is the only way that most things get done. For steps, can never be avoided. No matter what age you are.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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