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What Breaks Through?


Our lives include responsibilities, wants, dreams, problems, situations and challenges. The treadmill of our life pushes us faster and faster. Where sometimes we are able to persist and endure. At other times, we seek rest and refuge while we re-group. We look to our calendar, schedules, roles, apps, and phones to help us navigate it all. But things rarely improve with these things alone.

What breaks through these pressures is a question for many things. What headline will breakthrough? Social media post? YouTube video? What story or message will finally break through so that others understand? Marketing ad? My next project? Work assignment? The next call? The fifth email? And so on….

When it comes to our lives and the many situations and challenges we face, I find that human connection breaks through every time. Human connection helps to relieve stress and provides us with space for reflection and renewal when our minds are focused on so much else. Worried and stretched when trying to juggle, balance and complete so many things during our day.

Examples that have human connection at their core include: friendship. family. laughter. trust. caring for another. faith. love. respect. generosity. patience. and forgiveness. For we are never alone. but must be active and participate in many relationships that help to balance us over time. That are removed from the rush of our lives yet are very close to our heart.

Our world revolves within us as much outside of who we are. It’s only when we can find the simple things in life that are not objects to be possessed but rather qualities in relationships to be sought after. Filled with authenticity. Without expectation. Surprised by possibility. Where time flows easily without regret.

It’s really the best that life has to offer. When we stop long enough to understand that it’s the simple things in life that can be the most powerful in helping us break through towards better outcomes.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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