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What Can Keep Us From Being More Objective?


Our selfishness. Where we see only ourselves in everything around us. Making everything about “me”.

Not listening. When hearing others, we don’t listen to learn what we don’t know. Keeping our mind closed to the possibility that we could be wrong.

Believing our opinions to be truth. Never thinking that we might not have all of the information. Not understanding that we can convince ourselves of anything by believing in the stories we incorrectly construct given our misperceptions about a situation.

Clinging to the belief that there can be only one way. Only one right answer.

Being misled in thinking that our opinion is truth. When in truth, it simply is only one point of view of many.

Thinking that we can control a situation in a world where life events can be random and outcomes probabilistic.

Jumping to conclusions. Because it’s easy and doesn’t require a lot of thought or time.

Being emotionally involved. Too close to the people or the situation. Letting our heart and our feelings direct our thinking and cause us to selectively hear only what we want to hear.

Letting our ego navigate our life. Because we are too fragile and don’t ever want to be hurt or told we are wrong.

Thinking that we are better than those around us.

Disrespecting the power of different and diversity that can bring much needed perspectives into our lives. Leading to a more balanced or centered view of the world from where we stand.

Following the group thinking. Feeling great in belonging to an identity, a point of view, and a tribe. Not realizing that it isolates us from the potential we have as an individual to be more human.

Laughing at time. Disregarding its power for discovery without understanding that to be present in the moment requires you to both embrace and abandon its presence to clearly see what is in front of you.

Why does it take a lifetime to see this?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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