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What Do Relationships Need?


Time. It’s so simple but we never see it. We are always too busy to notice.

Investment. Time is the currency for this type of investment. Very little comes from a hello. Much more reward can be found when you can comfortably say “it’s me again”.

Presence. Marketers spend millions trying to get our attention. Relationships simply demand it in order to discover their deep value.

Patience. For the other person’s busy life. Our uneven days. For the confusion in our minds. And the trouble within our heart.

Gratitude. For simply being there. Bringing a smile to someone because you make them feel important. For what they taught you yesterday and what you will learn today.

Listening. Active, quiet, expanding silence. Helping us focus by simply verbalizing our jumbled thoughts.

Joy. Because connecting as humans is at the core of everything we need to survive and flourish. Relationships bring us life. They far exceed the value of material things. And are more enduring than fleeting experiences.

If only we would take the time and put in the work needed to make cultivating deeper relationships a part of our daily practice.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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