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What Frustrates Us?


When we are frustrated, we always look to the person, issue, circumstance or stuff around us to find the cause. Certainly, our stories of explanation lead us always to an outside culprit.

But what if we are wrong? What if what frustrates us has been caused from within? How could that be? There could be many reasons:

Our worldview can’t accommodate or accept the differences we are seeing or feeling at the time?

What if our self-interest won’t accept an option or solution that does not take care of us first?

Could it be that we have incomplete information? That we don’t truly understand what the situation or solution that is in front of us?

We are not sure of how things will turn out so our fear of the unknown gets us frustrated because there is no certainty?

The solutions or options in front of us are rejected by us because of our limited perspective that keeps us from understanding the “bigger picture” and how things can work?

Our confusion of roles leads us to expect someone to deliver something that they can’t because it is not their role but we think it should be?

The solutions offered are so different that we have a limited tolerance for change in our lives. We like the way things are even though we are frustrated.

Or could it simply be that what we wanted isn’t happening and that is very disappointing making us too tired to try something else to get there.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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