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What Is The Key To Personal Development?


Personal development is never about what we know

and always about what we don’t know.


The key to personal development is using this combination of “new”:

Learning, experiencing, and/or using & doing new things

while also meeting and learning from new people you did not know

but seem to know/experienced much more than you have to date.


Making the unknown familiar integrating into who you now are

with greater skills, broader perspectives, as well as more questions that now are different

Directing your next choices in new directions along paths you never thought existed

revealing new possibilities and opportunities because of everything new you now know.

With a new found ability to realize them that did not exist before.

Period. End of story.

Note: Repeat this over and over throughout your lifetime to find possibility and opportunity you never dreamed could be possible. In whatever areas you choose to focus and be curious about simply by focusing on introducing “new” into your life regularly.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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