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What Is Truth?


Growing up we learned to use the word truth as certainty. In recent years, truth has become a complicated subject. Nor longer easily verifiable. And subject to each person’s interpretation.

Our belief in truth, gives us at times an innocense that is betrayed when we reverse these same words and say that our truth is true because of what we believe with certainty. Without validation. Based on what we read or saw on our phones.

Opinions have now overtaken our beliefs and held them hostage. Making truth so much harder to discern for there is never the time to listen to a different point of view.

“What is truth?” is a question we should ask ourselves at least once in our lives. For simply taking it for granted is dangerous as there is nothing worse than self-deception, that emanates from accepting our beliefs as being true without question, as we try to navigate the world around us.

Maybe we need to give a different voice a chance to help us see more of the world around us as it is and not as we like. Especially when we are so certain. With the hope of reducing our mistakes by a few (in the near future) to make our lives even better.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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