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What is Your Destination?


Travel is the companion of this question. From the driving directions we seek on our phones to checking in at an airport for our long awaited flight. Friends listen with envy to the answer to this question. If only they could travel with you too.

Trapped within travel, this question never appears elsewhere. For we focus too much on our activities and busyness of our day. The demands placed on us steals our attention. Our responsibilities define many of the days and hours of our life.

As life has slowed down during the pandemic the demands placed on us changed. Our routines disappeared for those that now work from home. Without places to go in groups, our weekends earily developed a silence that became deafening the longer we are discouraged from venturing out.

Leaving us a bit rudderless as if we were adrift at sea without a sail. What do I do now? What should I do? Is something as important as I think it is? If not, what takes its place?

Knowing our destination is the only way to bring clarity to the work we need to do to get there. Winds brings sails their strength. A rudder guides a boat with direction. Before the sail or rudder can be helpful, we must always answer this deceivingly simple question of what is our destination.

Clarity in thought and actions is the quickest way to make progress in whatever you choose to do. Regardless of the amount of time or effort something will take to get there.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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