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What Makes a Day New?


We romanticize the value of a new day. Signaling a new beginning. Marking the end of what, most likely, was a bad experience or situation. Bringing hope back into our lives. Feeling refreshed for a burden has been lifted.

I would argue that each day can be new but rarely is so. Why is that? What stands in our way?

Our habits, responsibilities, and to do lists all resemble the dirt in the photograph above. They pack our days with routine, worries, and deadlines. Things, not only we are familiar with, but also filling our days with the content in our lives. Mostly existing or ongoing days, weeks, or months before today.

What then makes something new? Something outside of the familiar. Vacations to new places bring new into our lives. But so does a recipe that we have never made before but are willing to try.

The degree of new in our day always begins with our attention. We easily miss small sprouts of vegetation in a garden full of flowers. Newness is a mindset and an ambition to search beyond what we do and know today.

Finding an idea or possibility through conversation, reading, activity or podcast that will take you into a new world. One never considered. Never judging the value of it up front but rather enjoying what we now are learning. Active curiousity is a great path leading us to new. Willingness to participate, outside of our routines and habits, equally so.

New is only forced on us in crisis or during times of change where we have no control. Jarring us into emotions leading to frenzy, worry and fear. Leading us to desperately try to reject or fight the adoption of new so that we may feel more safe and in control.

We must find new in each day willingly, for it is never given to us. Making it a challenge worthy of pursuit, Sometimes bending our life’s journey in a new direction. Many times, surprising & delighting us along the way!

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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