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What Makes Life Messy


Our actions toward others are a result of how we view the other person. If we consider them kind, we tend to be kind towards them. If they are irritating, we put little effort into connecting with them to the point of being short with them.

What makes life messy, is never our thoughts that directly get us in trouble. It is our words and actions that do. Those that occur in a brief instant. That cannot be taken back. Nor can they be forgotten.

Things are never the same when this occurs. Both for the person speaking or acting as well as for those that receive it. In these moments, there is a polarization of attitudes between right (on the “giver’s” part) and wrong (on the “receiver’s” part).

Many times, excuses or stories prevail defending what was done. While for those on the receiving end, an impatience for justice or retribution slowly burns inside of them.

Sadly, our ego prevents either one from understanding their own humanity as well as those of others. That we do make mistakes. And so do others.

The interesting thing is that there is no clear solution to this type of situation. Judging right or wrong will not get you out of the mess that you find yourself in. No matter which side you’re on.

Only a combination of “I’m sorry” with an acknowledgment of “you’re forgiven” is the only way through the mess that has been created. More importantly, one must verbalize with sincerity to the recipient that I behaved badly and should not have said or treated them the way I did.

Necessitating both parties to give in more than a little bit, in order to move past the hurt, pain, or disappointment in order to experience the beauty of the next new day. Re-establishing their relationship for the good of both involved along the way.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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