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What Morning Will We Wake Up To?


After the darkness of the night, predictably the sun rises in the east. At certain times of the year earlier than others, but always present when starting our day. Walking hand in hand with the hours on our clocks. Reliably giving us the light of a new day. Each and every day.

Amidst all of this consistency that time and sun gives us, our mornings are just the opposite. Different many times without warning. Sometimes Injected with worry, concern, fear, or simply fatigue. Other times anxious, or full of excitement for what is to come. Sprinkled amidst all of this, there are mornings of gratitude and the feeling created by a good night’s rest. Far too many times we carry the weight of yesterday’s problems into the night, making the hope of a new day in our next morning too hard for us to see.

Mornings are a good example of how we affect our own lives. For beyond the consistency of the sun and time, we are left only with our spirit and mind to frame up what type of morning we will face. Will our day degrade from where we begin or will it be filled with the hope of a morning full of joy? Will we dread going through our day simply because of how it began? Or will our morning give us the patience and faith to persevere and endure what is to come? Will the weight of our yesterday ruin our morning entrance into the new day before us?

In the quiet of our bedroom, our day begins once our eyes open. The sun and time always leave it to us to take the stage once again to live our life. Leaving us with the freedom to create the morning we will wake up to. Using the sun and time’s consistency as an example we should aspire to.

For no one can take away our mornings. Consciously choose the one you would like to wake up to before your new day begins in full. Leaving yesterday behind. Always starting the day fresh. For the power is yours to choose how you start. Regardless how you finished the night before.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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