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What To Do Next?


I find this question to be most challenging. Not in terms of understanding what is being asked. But in coming up with an answer. What to do next is a question we ask ourselves multiple times a day.

First, the question is difficult. It always demands a choice. What do we do next at the exclusion of everything else?

Second, how do we choose? Is the next thing the most urgent? Or the thing we like to do most often? Is it the oldest thing on our list? Or what someone else has been pressuring us to do?

Third, least thought of, is how does this next choice benefit us? Most of our choices in a day are time fillers with our efforts not focused towards a goal or a dream worth working towards.

Fourth, while our next choice feels the pressure of our time, it disregards its place within a much larger required timeline for achievement of a greater goal or dream. Leaving us with little context or appreciation for the realization that it may be only one step, of many, needed to realize any progress.

Fifth, deciding on our next step may involve tradeoffs. For no one can do two things at once well. Making the step not completed a catalyst for frustration and disappointment. Emotions that then keep us from thinking clearly in choosing our next step.

The randomness of the criteria we use each time we choose a new item off of our to do list, sabotages our ability to gain traction in our lives. Because the questions are too many and most times too hard and not clear.

Making life more interesting. Revealing to us the need for reflection before action in order to make more thoughtful choices in deciding on what is our next step. It is the only way to bring a coherence to our lives that makes it more meaningful while present during each of our days.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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