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What, When, & Why


So much happens in our lives on a daily basis. Responsibilities, distractions, deadlines, or children’s athletic schedules. Laundry, yard work, and gatherings add to our lists. Because our lives move so fast, it’s difficult to gain clarity and intention in our lives to help us move forward.

What, when & why is a simple way to do this. Let’s take reading. You say to yourself, I would like to read more. Ok, what are you going to read? When will you read it? Why is it important for you to read it?

A relationship becomes troubling because of a recent incident. What are you thinking of doing about it? When are you going to do this? Why is it important for you to do?

My dream is to become a TV actor. What is the first step you will take to try to get noticed? When will you begin trying? Why is it imporant for you to pursue acting?

Try it for yourself. It can actually be fun.

Notice that when you use what, why and when there is no focus on the outcome. Outcomes are never guaranteed no matter how hard or long we try.

What, when and why slows down the urge to impulsively act. It requires that you add more detail before lunging into something. These questions demand your attention that then lead to more self-awareness.

They attempt to create more explicit data points in your thinking so that you can see if they can be connected in a straight line. To see if they are aligned. You may find that when going through these simple steps that you have to adjust them. The what could be too broad or agressive. When you will do it may bring a dimension of fear or doubt into your thinking that you will have to overcome.

Why we do something is so hard to uncover and define. Our made up stories can blind us as to our truth. Our ego may keep us from understanding our true why. While difficult, we must still try. The benefit of answering why, over time, is that we will begin to see ourselves evolve into more of who we truly are.

What, when and why. Simple words to continually ask yourself before doing things that you think matter. Intentionally asking them until they simply become part of our daily routine.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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