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What’s Important Today? This Week? This Month? This Year?


Daily life is full of routines we never are aware we do. Full of habits, time wasted, and chores that seem endless. Interruptions, unexpected events, and frustrations make our days different and unique. Rarely do our accomplishments match the intensity of emotion that “bumps in the road” create.

Our auto-pilot lives do provide us with ways to fill our days. Leaving us little time to ask the question “What’s Important” across many different time frames. Have you ever asked yourself this question? If you have, you will confirm its difficulty at first.

Auto-pilot mode is the direct opposite of intentional focus. In auto-pilot mode what we do tomorrow is much like what we do today. Wake up at the same time, do the same things, eat similar food, binge-watch programs we like, and so on…….

When asking the question “What’s important” we are trying to initiate a “pattern interrupt” in our lives. Trying to wedge its way into our consciousness to break our unconscious day into something where we are much more aware of what we are doing or want to do.

Our choice of words always leads us in a direction. In this case, this two-word question has the word “important” in it. What does important mean to us individually? There can be no agreed-upon answer to this definition. Especially as it relates to our lives.

It’s the “pattern interrupt” where the power of this question emerges. Trying to get us to focus on what WE want to do. It is the key that unlocks our hidden ability to live our lives more intentionally. Giving us hope that amidst our daily routines and habits, we can realize some of our hopes and dreams for our lives.

Never easy to do because our days are so full already. But interesting enough to try by asking yourself the question “What’s Important” across many different time frames – not just one. For they may be different for each different time frame.

Practice by asking this question often for it will begin to give you a glimpse at the fluidity in life. What’s important today may not be when viewed as important across a year time frame. Then looking back as you ask the question again – sometime later – to see that what’s important to you now has changed giving you a way to measure how much you have grown and evolved.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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