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When Belief Has Optimism


Everyone has and shares their beliefs about different issues, facts, and topics. These come and go much like the wind and rainy weather. A much more fundamental type of belief is one that contains optimism about the future. It is very close to having faith.

The power of this type of belief lies directly in its optimism. Yet its characteristics are counterintuitive to the strength it can display when present. The more powerful the belief that things will turn out ok, the more silent and patient the person is who has this strong belief. Instead of voicing this continually to the world to see if others agree, they never waver from this belief.  No matter what circumstances present themselves.

When belief has optimism, there is a long-term perspective that ignores the short-term completely. When acting this way, it protects us from the damaging effect of minor disappointments during our life’s journey and gives us the fuel to endure and persist.

What is fascinating in beliefs that have optimism, is that they carry with them few details of what the outcome will look like. There is no specificity or selfishness in what they expect to see. These types of beliefs are strong on direction — that things will get better — without forcing what things should look like when we get there.

There is freedom when this path is taken, allowing us to explore, test and discover new ways to move past where we are today. Beliefs that have optimism are like a lighthouse that will lead us to a shore that is safe yet unknown.

All of us need hope in our lives to help us during difficult and confusing times. No one is immune to this need. When we are able to carry our beliefs filled with optimism in a mature way, it gives us the greatest strength to endure great hardship for a period of time. Bringing us joy, fulfillment, and peace into our lives in the end, by carrying us to the shore we so desparately wanted to find but weren’t sure exactly what it would look like.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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