Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

When Blindness Appears


When we are so sure that nothing can stop us from succeeding. When we believe we are right and refuse to listen. When we don’t hear what someone is trying to tell us. When we react emotionally to what has just been said.

When we want something uncontrollably. Or when a catastrophe strikes.

When we have a reason, outside of ourselves, for every failure. When we rely on our habits to bring us a different tomorrow. When we take too many pictures of only ourselves. When we don’t need anyone else. During the excitement of something new.

When our anger takes over our thinking. Our stubbornness builds a wall instead of a door.

When something feels too good. When our impulses burst through our skin. When we feel no one else is as good. When we can’t do without something. When we talk nonstop without looking to see if anyone hears. When “they’re” consistently wrong.

When we believe we don’t need any help.

Needing to look around in the darkness of our soul, for our glasses and some rest, trying to figure out how the power of the moment always makes us so blind.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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