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When Doing Nothing Can Be Dangerous


Being lazy or bored are ways we can tell that we are doing nothing. Our calendar is empty, our phones do not ring, and we have little energy for doing anything. This is certainly one type of doing nothing. Vacations fit this profile well. Restful, peaceful, and re-energizing. Visiting a beautiful place with no demands placed on our time.

A dangerous type of doing nothing is when a decision is not made when it should be.

When in a group meeting instead of confronting and resolving diverse points of view immediately, the group defers to more analysis. As a result, these diverse voices fester and take on a life of their own, making it harder for the group to continue with their business. If you are in a position of responsibility, doing nothing dramatically weakens your perceived leadership amidst those that you are tasked to lead.

A second dangerous type of doing nothing is when you know something needs to be done

and you don’t attempt to do anything about it.

This happens on a personal level. We gain weight but put off changing our diet or beginning to exercise regularly. Our car makes noise but we ignore it by not taking it to be fixed. When we are continually having issues with a friend or a co-worker but continue to associate with them (keeping our displeasure silent).

Conflict disappears and things appear easier with either type of dangerous “doing nothing”.

But this is only true for a short while.

Conflict will intensify over time and the effort needed to confront a situation grows larger the more we fail to take any action. Making it harder for us to overcome what we face. Now requiring even more courage and energy than before. Essentially boxing us into a corner through our own inaction. Because the problem, issue, or situation becomes worse because of our inaction.

In most of these situations, we always blame others.

When we are to blame if we pay attention.

For we are active participants in our life. We can confront in a peaceful way through honest conversation and active listening. Change our approach or the path we might take to break through. Ask for help, especially when it comes to challenges of self-discipline. Be curious enough to learn more before deciding. Understanding that the time you take to learn is not, in any way, meant to keep you from making a decision. Or simply coming to the realization that things will not change until I take some action. Transforming yourself from a victim to an enabler towards a better future. Or you can simply decide to walk away and disassociate yourself from what you cannot make better.

Decisions do require courage, They may contain some risk while initially hiding from us a different future. Decisions, with practice, help build both our confidence and self-esteem. Even if we get a few wrong along the way.

Becoming more self-aware also helps in why we run towards “doing nothing” by watching out for our tendencies. Giving us time to course correct. Providing an opportunity through personal growth to build a life that better matches our dreams over time.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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