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When Should We Spend Time Explaining Ourselves?


When we want to share an idea.

When there is doubt.

Before we rush to a decision.

To gain acceptance of our thinking by others.

To share our beliefs or vision so that others understand us better.

Before deciding to argue.

To build trust by being the first to explain ourselves better.

When we are confused.

Before asking someone else to do “the work”.

To become more vulnerable, by being more honest giving us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves along the way.

To clarify our thinking.

To bring context to a decision that is not readily understood or accepted.

When others think we are acting strangely.

When love demands it. When love doesn’t demand it.

When we are most weak and conflicted.

Before misunderstandings occur.

When its important for others to understand your chosen direction for the good of the group or organization.

To strengthen our opportunities for leadership.

To clarify roles and boundaries.

To either accept responsibility or when sharing it with others.

In summary, it is better to explain yourself often, creating the opportunity to listen more frequently, and approach things more slowly making you more effective and fulfilled during your life’s journey by being more open & honest with both yourself & others along the way.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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