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When We Are Together


One of the most basic needs of all humans is to be connected with others. In its most visible examples, it is when we are together. Where there is conversation, laughter, sometimes serious thought, and lots of listening and compassion. Where there is no judgment, lots of trust, and no competing.

We feel safe when this occurs. Time stops interrupting us when we are together. Magically, our phones take second place in our lives during these memorable occasions. We are present in each others lives without thought. Everything just flows.

While the energy from being together easily feeds us drip by drip, its occurrence never happens everyday. The magic when we are together is gentle rather than intense while permeating further within each of our souls.

Thank God for friends and the times we are together. The rest they provide amidst the laughter and the listening makes everyone in the group feel much better while giving us the opportunity, in some small way, to better understand who we are, looking for our reflection on each other’s hearts during our brief stay.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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