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When We Focus On The Word/Letter I


I. One letter as well as one word. It sits lonely apart on this line. The word “I” is hard to spell wrong and we never use it in a wrong way in a sentence. Or do we?

I am at the center of all that I experience. The spotlight shines on no one else when we use this word. Those that use it often, do it to make sure the spotlights are on them. When we focus only on “I”. we take on the role of a publicity agent directing more and more attention to ourselves.

When we focus on “I” all the time we don’t listen very well. We think we know more and try to prove it to others (as well as ourselves) often.

It’s only in our moments of quiet that we struggle to see the “I” in our lives. Yet we run from this quiet and seek shelter in our noise. Noise from the outside world that sees only blame, and imperfections, by focusing only on others. For we never are at fault when “I” is the most important thing in our lives.

The strength of reflection in seeking to learn more about the “I” within ourselves is so fearful of criticism and disappointment that it builds walls around us to prevent us from seeking change. “I” takes center stage for our ego, making us weak and fragile instead of strong and resilient.

We reject the teenager within us who so desperately wants to experience the world in a different way but can never put these three words together in a sentence — “I will try”. Making us both scared and feeling trapped. Not by our circumstances but rather by our focus on only our blameless selves.

Our age is never an issue. It’s more about understanding that our world of “I” deceives us every time we use it. Wouldn’t it be better to stop starting a sentence with “I”, so that the spotlights can dim, giving us a chance to better see who we are?

Accepting responsibility for our part in our life’s experiences. Both the good and the bad. Then beginning to make changes, through effort and better choices, to create a different life around us for the better.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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