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Where Did Superman Come From?


This morning I heard that an original Superman comic sold for a large sum of money. We take it for granted that Superman was always part of our lives. No matter if you are young or old. He led a parade of many subsequent super heroes to appear in our lives.

We rarely stop to think where did Superman come from? Aside from the literal anwer to this question, it’s one that we could ask of anything around us? From led light, to 4K TV, to the fabric in the clothes we wear.

In its birth, the idea for Superman came from someone’s imagination. The inspiration I am sure was magical when it first appeared in someone’s mind but insufficient to become more on its own. Curiosity was needed to expand the story, Superman’s purpose, and how he was to live his life as Clark Kent for us to be able to relate to him.

What would he look like, how would he dress, what would be his demeanor I am sure were questions that at first did not seem obvious. A level of persistence and exploration must have been needed to craft his story. For what looks obvious today, in hindsight was never so certain.

Then the hard work continued. To give Superman an identity through pictures. Frame by frame Superman’s story was built. There were no templates. No software to automate the process. Just paper, pens, colors, and brushes. Frame by frame the inspiration became tangible.

Who then knew of this first work? This new character with magical powers hidden behind the everyday insecurities of Clark Kent. The need to distribute this story to many for it to travel by word of mouth to many more. Once again hard work along this journey.

It’s fun to think about the genesis of an idea and its journey into the world. Most ideas travel in this same way. From imagination to inspiration. Using curiosity and exploration to frame up the idea into a blueprint from which we could then bring it into the world. Followed by the difficult work of execution to take blueprint, make it into a prototype, and then into production. Then walking this earth to share this new creation with everyone possible. Bringing awareness and then adoption into our daily lives.

Making us forget to ever ask the question of “where did something come from”?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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