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Where Does Our Excitement Go?


The day after we start something new?

After the days leading up to an event?

When our new goal is a week old?

Promising to do something with enthusiasm a few days ago?

After finding the challenge to be bigger than first thought?

Excitement is very much like a match. It has great power once lit, but dies quickly, unable to sustain itself. It blinds us to the need to find wood to build & sustain a fire. Fooling us into believing it is the answer that can be delivered without the work.

Our disappointment with finding our excitement short lived, is but the nature of its essence as well as ours. Wanting things fast and quick by simply saying them never gets you to where you were first excited to travel.

Once again our friends time, work, and patience are needed to bring life to the first spark of excitement we enjoyed whenever we want to start something new.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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