Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

Which is Harder?


To love or to forgive?

Be patient or outspoken?

Persist or to stay busy?

Create or consume?

Endure or change direction?

Be responsible or to blame?

Hide or be truthful?

Share or avoid?

Build or dream?

We were never taught to choose or reflect. For we quickly cling to who we are. Making everything else an impossibility left for others to choose as the basis for the stories we tell ourselves.

Can we do more or do less? In the end, this is the primary question to be answered before all others. More carries with it more difficulty and is harder to achieve. Less, while being easier, is both more temporary yet confining over the long term. Difficulty molds us. Easy paths weaken us.

Where are our limits? What more can we do? Our limits are always much further away than we can see. Our ability to do more is much greater than our physical limits. Yet we are blinded by everything we do not know nor have seen making it difficult to envision who we can be.

Making the mind, the heart and our soul the keys to encouraging a more meaningful life that can reveal a more complete sense of who we by expressing our uniqueness and depth by what we do. By what we tried. By what we achieved. No matter how hard. No matter how long.

Life’s a journey, not a destination, that grows and changes each day we are alive. The newness of each day, gives us the opportunity to try once again. Regardless of age. For it is the hope and possibility that each new day brings, that no longer will things be hard because we choose them.

Understanding that difficulty, with time, surprises us with more meaning and deeper relationships in our day.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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