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Who are you?


I was recently asked this question as we were working on a branding project for my small business. The branding professional made a good point when he said that my personality, as an owner, gets transferred over time into the business.

The question sounded simple. I understood it completely. Yet the answer eluded me at first. For it is not my nature to talk about myself as I am much more focused on others.

Slowly the words began to flow. Quietly competitive, persistent, optimistic, curious, intentional, a voracious learner, open, trusting, responsible, creative………..and the words continued to flow.

What was most interesting was the last thing I wrote which was “wanting deep relationships with those around me, everyday, to make me feel more alive”. Interestingly enough, the research the branding professional did with both my B2B and B2C customers revealed that as a company we were a very consistent, trusted partner.

Who we are at the core is always expressed outwardly in our lives. I enjoy people immensely. I love being around them to learn from, laugh with, and share tears when life gets in the way. So I excel at relationships that move past a superficial “hello”.

Who are you? It’s a question worth spending some time on. You might learn something about yourself that you knew but didn’t really understand or that you took for granted. It might then help you align your daily life with your core, bringing you a type of alignment that can bring you great joy.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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