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The Whole Versus the Parts


In a recent discussion, I found someone who was focused on the parts. They could describe with great clarity the details of the parts and also the discipline they used in looking at the parts. It was impressive to see how well this person understood the parts they were describing.

What was missing in the discussion was any reference to the whole. It bothered me, a bit, for I believe there is great value in looking at something as a “whole” and not simply as its parts.

When looking at something in its entirety you begin to see something magical occur. Boundaries, context, and perspective easily appear. These things were missing in discussing only the parts. We desperately need boundaries, context, and perspective in our life to make sure that our effort and direction is proper for the outcome we aspire to.

What is the result of never considering the whole or something in its entirety?

The details of the parts cannot be judged as to whether they are being used in proper quantity or over/under used. There isn’t any context as to whether the parts being considered fit within the whole.

The whole gives us an opportunity to look at possibly using other parts not currently considered. When we are so fixated on just the parts, we become blinded and trapped by our own thinking.

Boundaries and constraints encourage creativity. When they are not present, we tend to take the path of least resistance. This path, most times, leads to poor outcomes because, in the end, the whole (what happens when all of the parts are in place or put together) will impose its will. Boundaries and constraints of the whole, when not considered, will always prevail over anything that is designed in the parts.

Make sure you find a quiet place to consider the whole. No matter how excited you are about the parts. This will help balance you in a way that you won’t totally understand until you try it yourself. This gives you a better chance of succeeding before you begin trying whatever is important to you.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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