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Why Do You Believe That?


Conversations are quick. Much like a tennis match, where words are shared back and forth. Filled with niceties, opinions, beliefs, and facts. Embellished within a story and only sometimes grounded in experience.

We are quick to respond, defend or even argue what we just heard. It happens so fast. Especially when both parties have a keen interest in what is being discussed.

I find that going deeper into a conversation can be quite helpful in understanding not only the other person better but also what they are telling us. Our hearing suffers when we are in a conversation because it is so quick.

Asking “why do you believe that” is a great way to slow down and go deeper. Why did someone tell you what they did? Are their worldviews different from mine? Does their worldview fit into my beliefs? Are their words grounded in experience, facts, or are they simply opinions?

This is where we get so confused. People suggest things to us all of the time. They truly want to help. But is what they are telling us accurate? Based on what they have experienced?

Or is it strictly opinion? This is where we get into trouble. Where someone shares their opinion, without them having either the knowledge or the experience.

The mistake we then make, is to cling to what they said as being true without ever considering what you heard may only be an opinion. Opinions that may or may not work. The person sharing opinions think they will. But they have not lived through the opinion they are sharing.

“Why do you believe that” is a good way to keep you from blindly clinging to an opinion. Prudent to do, especially when your next choice or next step could be life changing.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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