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Why Is It Difficult?


It’s interesting to take a look at how we answer this question.

It’s difficult because:

> I don’t know anything about it.

> I am not good at doing it.

> It frustrates me too much to spend time on it.

> I don’t think it’s important.

> i don’t want to spend time practicing to make it easier for me to do.

> It’s hard to keep doing this over and over as part of a regular routine.

> It’s hard to keep up because I don’t have the endurance.

> It’s hard to keep up because I lose interest.

> It’s hard because I’ve already tried and failed. I know this will happen to me again. Why should I continue?

> It will take too much of my effort and time to “keep it going”.

You can add to the list. I am sure.

So quit saying things are difficult because most things that have any value are. It’s pushing past what we know and regularly do where personal change and development occurs. Always with effort. Always by tackling something that seems difficult at first. Leaving our excuses behind.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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