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Will the Solution Fit?


I was involved in an interesting discussion with a group. The head of the organization was visiting our location and we were candidly discussing an issue that the group had locally.

There was consensus around the room towards one specific solution. The head of the organization listened attentively as to why this specific solution was desirable.

After some time, the head of the organization asked a very simple question of both the local leader and the group. He said thoughtfully, “that the solution you are advocating for, will require certain skills of both your local leader and the group for the solution to be effective. I have a different solution that is equally possible that will require different skills for this second possible solution to be effective. Where do you think your skills lie before I comment on the solution that I believe will work best for you?”

It’s rare, when problem-solving, for us to reflect on whether or not a solution to a problem or issue will fit our temperament, skill level, or ability to carry out what is needed to be effective. We focus solely on the problem at hand, while rushing to an expedient answer, that will end whatever is frustrating us at the time. End of story.

We march on and take our lumps when there is not a good fit between our skills and the solution we are implementing.  That is why it is so critical to ask the question “will the solution fit” every time we problem solve. Every time.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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