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How does this work?


It’s a common question when we buy something new and have to put it together. Or when we receive something as a present and are not quite sure how to turn it on. Or when we visit a website and find either their instructions confusing or the benefits of using the website confusing.

What becomes fascinating is when we begin to use this question when we look at aspects of our own life or work. How does this work that I have no money left at the end of the week or the month? How does this work that I always feel left out? How does this work that I am trying so hard to accomplish “A” but can never seem to get there.

Spend time listing all of the steps. Spend more time listing all of the assumptions that led you to take each step. Spend even more time reflecting on why each step helps you get to or detracts from you being able to get to your goal. I think you will find that they sometimes are wrong, other times mis-directed, and other times just won’t fit what you are trying to accomplish.

I find that sometimes we rush to get to the finish line but become disappointed when we fail because we never gave any thought as to what the best steps would be to get there. Other times, I find we are trapped by our habits, history, or routines that at one time worked well but somehow don’t today.

If you have the steps out of order, or the wrong steps, or are missing steps you rarely will ever get to the goal you set out to achieve.

Of course, when you’ve done this you might need to step back and ask “how do I work”. Why do I think the way I do or feel the way I do? Do I have the skills that I need to do what I want to do?

You probably beat me to it. First “how does this work”. Second ” how do I work”. And can you guess what will be the third question?

What is needed for it to work?

I have found that what excites me the most is the challenge of figuring question three out and trying. Sometimes I have failed and a few times I’ve succeeded.

But I caution you it will be more work than you think together with a lot of fun.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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