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Our worries


Three types seem to always pop up with regularity: worries about ourselves, worries about loved ones or others, and worries about things or “stuff”. Worries get in the way of our happy mood. Worries sometimes affect us physically.

In all of these cases, we tend to worry because we don’t know the outcome. We can’t control the outcome. We don’t know whether or not we will like or be frustrated by the outcome. We simply never fully know what will happen.

Our thinking always migrates to thinking the worst. Our heart cries out, only wanting to see the best occur in any situation. Our eyes become impatient, wanting to quickly see the next act in our small play. Our energy weakens, as we become more focused on our worries.

Nothing happens when we worry —except worrying!

What gets lost, in this quicksand of life, is the fact that our worrying originates simply because we cannot control or predict the outcome with certainty. Why we don’t think of this first, as we continue on life’s journey, becomes problematic for us.

Since we cannot totally control any outcome – why do we worry?

It’s a unique situation where the heart overtakes our logic. All of the complicated feelings and emotions within us are so powerful (and want to be so protective). Love. Duty. Responsibility. Roles. Parent. Child. Friend. Soul Mate. Health. This list is endless. Our fragile ego adds fuel to this fire by wanting to be always right. Our innate desire to help, wants us to always improve the situation. And, of course, we want to be safe and to avoid all conflict.

This dance of passion within us — wants out!  It becomes so tied up within us, waiting for an outcome to reveal itself, that it “pushes through” in the form of our worries. We know we can’t control the outcome yet here we are worrying.

Prayer and faith are such powerful allies at these times, for only they can connect with our inner heart and the complicated passion for life each one of us possess.

You see, worrying makes us human.

This gift of humanity can never be taken away from us.

We need to remind ourselves that for most of our worries, tomorrow, will soon be here. The outcome will always be revealed to us in our tomorrows. Today, we can only focus more on what we can control here and now. We must wait patiently for our tomorrow to reveal its outcome. There is no other way. Only then, can we accept or readjust or simply move on if the outcome isn’t to our liking.

God grants us many days, not simply one.

Enjoy today for what it is, for who we are, and what we can do. Listen attentively, advise wisely, and offer help in a way only you can. Be present when needed and be close to the worries of another person when asked.

We need to stay close to our own worries so that we can better understand our fears and ourselves. To figure out what we can’t control and to “let it go” so the outcome can reveal itself more freely tomorrow when it will be much easier for us to see it and then react.

We must have faith, pray often, and accept the dawn of the next day as both a gift and a reminder for the need to be patient. Sometimes outcomes reveal themselves quickly. Other times they are slow to be seen.

We then need to believe in more tomorrows, while we keep trying, caring, overcoming, adjusting each day of our lives. Putting our worries to rest, one by one, while waiting to see the next outcome, so that we become more present & engaged in all that we do throughout the many tomorrows we are granted.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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