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We worry most when it involves our loved ones. Are they or will they be ok? Next, our business, job, interview, test, date, event, doctor’s appointment, meeting and then so many other things.

Worrying always involves things whose outcome is not readily apparent to us. Where the outcome is out of our control. We start thinking that things will turn out bad. This leads us to worry more. It consumes us.

Worrying wears us down. It steals our energy. We lose our presence in the moment when worry consumes our heart and mind.

Why is it that we don’t spend time worrying about things we can control?

Our weight, love, generosity, effort, attitude, discipline, persistence, outlook, health, personal growth, faith, humility, compassion, or our presence in front of another person?

Things we can control never consume us like the worry for things outside of our control.

By focusing on things we can control, we leave worry to the side waiting, without thought, to see how things will turn out by themselves.

It’s a much better use of our time. Wouldn’t you agree?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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